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La Maison de l'Argentier du Roy  -  Bed and Breakfast and a Self-catering
21 rue Saint Ours - 37600 LOCHES  -  FRANCE
Lifestyle ...Bed and Breakfast in a Romantic GuestHouse, authentic Renaissance 15-16th

Beautiful rooms for bed and breakfast , including an Independent self-catering Cottage  ...
on the same property upon its 12 century's wall, over the Indre Valley and this such nice town of Loches, in an exceptional location, so calm and unique : The Small Fort Saint Ours, original setting place of the romans in 450... in the medieval heart of the Royal city
  (More détails here ...)

We recommand to stay longer with better discounts -10% , -15% ... et -20%
( More détails here....)
  Because our central location is ideal to discover :

- Our nice and pretty region of Touraine of Châteaux de la Loire   (More details here...)

- For youngers, Fabulous animal Reserve de Beauval and le Futuroscope very closed

-  Our Wine Valley of famous Vins de la Loire   ( More détails here...)

... Our " Indre et Loire valley "
- "le Jardin de la France" -

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Maison de l'Argentier du Roy selected in Red Guide Michelin 2012     LIVRE D'OR en direct  

La Maison de l'Argentier
du Roy

is just open to public since 2 years on its 500 years old....The house wear this name since its origins.... ( More History (in french) about the house here...)
(...parfois aussi nommée dans des écrits : Logis de l'Argentier du Roi,
Ostel ou hôtel de l'Argentier du Roy, maison de l'argentier du roi ) Located in an historic, romantic and so mysterious place called
Petit Fort Saint Ours ( XIIe )
  Residential historicly of the persons very close to the kings
  What better place for welcoming guests as bed and breakfast Chambres d'hotes..?
direction la maison de l'argentier du roy sur la ville de loches
It's a rare and charming place ...with fantastic views all around..!).

 The access with a car is, of course, posible toward the house..but secret..!

maison de l'argentier du roy chambres d'hotes de charme au coeur dela cite medievale de loches en touraine

La Maison de l'Argentier du Roy, is at the foot of the Agnès Sorel Tower of the Royal Château ( XIVe) of Loches...
(Cliquez chaque image ci-dessous pour les agrandir)

vue de abbatiale de loches depuis le gite du chevalier de l'argentier du roy

vue de chateau de loches depuis le gite du chevalier de l'argentier du roy

vue de terrasse du chateau de loches depuis le gite du chevalier de l'argentier du roy

... and of the curious Abbatiale Saint Ours ( Xe) whit its "strange dubes" where rest our pretty Agnès..,
The imposant Keep (Xe) and its terrible jails and secret undergrounds...
The Saint Antoine Tower (XVe) and La Porte des Cordeliers
From here..
on our walls,
you are
loches en touraine in the small Fort Saint Ours, et .. loches ville d'art et d'histoire à visiter a pied depuis la maison de l'argentier du roy you will be back in the time..!
of Loches ...and Touraine
with its
1000 years
of history
Jacques Coeur , l'Argentier du Roy à Loches Un Caravage decouvert à LochesLa Porte des Cordeliers à LochesAgnès Sorel - Dame de beauté de LochesBlason de Loches sculpté de la PosteCharles VII petit roy de Bourges et grand roy de france à Lochescentaure lochescarravaggio discovered in lochesJeanne d'Arc à Loches

Visit our pretty medieval town of Loches en Touraine with your  Smartphone:
( Iphone - Android )
free download the appl  on the l’AppStore or with flashcode

You will go by foot , easily, everywhere around, ...
..Visit our fabulous Market few meters from home every wednesday and saturdays full of treasures of taste and pleasures of foods and drinks .
- Also dozens of restaurants from all styles, maximum 700m, around la Maison de l'Argentier du Roy

- An exceptionnal choice of shops : from l'artshops to supermarket,
- And many services: from post office to multiple banks
- Even for health, with many chemists shop,and our very modern Hospital emergency service.
Everywhere, and often by protected pedestrian streets and lanes, out of trafic.

 Plenty of exhibitions, museums, medieval fair, music festivals, etc ... all year along...

Profitez d'un séjour à la Maison de l'Argentier du Roy pour visiter les Caravage à Loches

In front of the house, on National day , is shot the BIG FIREWORK, of 14 Juillet
(Our terrace is at the first rank for this exceptional show )

  The terrace of la Maison de l'Argentier du Roy offer an eastern view as an extraordinary effect on the Indre river valley

(that we can hear a few meters away)

From our walls,upon the house's roofs downtown... we can see miles away on a 180°

clik here or this image under for a high resolution 180° panoramic garden view
panoramique du jardin de l'argentier du roy de loches chambres d'hotes de charme
...A surprising calm countryside from the ....medieval heart of Loches..!

jardin de la maison del'argentier chambres d'hotes de charme a loches en touraine

Christine and I
shall be very happy to welcome you in this charming place,for

your stays.
We shall make our best to help you to discover this fantastic location,
our  " joli coin du Jardin de la France"

Philippe et Christine

(take avantage of our discounts : - 10 % from 2 nights stay,-15% from 4 nights stay , and ... -20 %  for a 7 nights stay in B&B )

and  ...Avoid pack/unpack and checkin/out every days...

We are, there,in the heart of Touraine's heart:

Loches, is a Royal town, and the 19th official Château de la Loire
You must absolutly stay on Loches for your stay in Loire Valley

Leave your suitcases in our rooms...

A lot of guests often regret to have reserved in many places thinking it could be convenient to be closer of each chateau every day...and would like (after their 1st night here) to stay, resting every afternoon on our terrace,on the walls ,instead of ..

......packing/unpacking every day, the suitcases...and look for the next place to stay..
(often too late to extend because we are full for the next day..)

A tower of our House de l'Argentier du Roy appear on this old sign of Loches.

La Maison de
 l'Argentier du Roy
  is on all the postcards with the loches château...
  every room 
offer views so exclusives ..

Loches en touraine sur la route des chateaux

We are THE ideal "Home- Base"
and central...

for those who want to see a lot of chateaux including the most famous.
  Big et smaller Châteaux de la Loire are all there
very close to home, so rich in history, of the France history, click this map to zoom it ... and  note the exceptionnal location of  Loches

Nous sommes au coeur des grands chateaux de la Loire, mais pas seulement...

To mention only the most famous, the farthest east: Chambord, and the farthest to the West: Saumur, are less than 1 hours 30.
Northing: Chenonceaux is 15 minutes, Amboise and Le Clos Luce Leonardo da Vinci 20 minutes.
To the south, Poitiers Futuroscope is only 45 minutes, the Natural Park of Brenne and its 1,000 lakes within 20 minutes .... hundreds of chateaux very close by, over 500 tourist attractions of 1st importance are concentrated in the radius of less than 60 miles around this beautiful romantic town of Loches in Indre et Loire...

... and be in your "small chateau" every night, leaving the car parked, having a drink without risk, in dozens of restaurants around , very close walking distance (NB: we are inside the medieval city' s very calm mansion's hood, few meters from shops and bars.

SVP pas d'appel entre 21h et 10h30 matin)--> préférez l'email
02 47 91 62 86
(depuis l'étranger)(from outside France) : 33 (0) 2 47 91 62 86
En cas de non- réponse du Tel. Fixe (la maison est très grande, et
l'entretien des jardins loin du tel. fixe, parfois) :
06 71 633 693
(depuis l'étranger)(from outside France) : 33 (0) 671 633 69
(please NO call between 09.00PM to 10.30AM Local time)--> email

Chambres d'Hotes et Gite à Loches en Touraine - loire valley - France